Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Group Activity

Some of the finished products
Sorry this is a little late, but last week we made some special crafts in honor of Valentine's Day during lunch bunches. Originally, I purchased paintable wooden picture frames, paint, and decals from Michaels, intending only to do the the crafts with my 5th grade girls group. However, one of the boys from the 6th grade group stopped in my office early in the week and saw the bag of supplies and asked what they were for. After I explained, he seemed really interested, so I asked if the boys group wanted to do a project too. He told me he'd check with the other boys and let me know. To my surprise, he was back the next day to tell me they wanted to do a Valentine's Day project too.  So, I went back to Michaels for more supplies. I couldn't believe how excited the students were to give the frames to their "valentines," friends, and parents. I never thought 6th grade boys would be so into painting hot pink heart shaped frames. Who knew? The activity was not only fun, it was a great opportunity for students to be creative and practice social skills, particularly taking turns (with the paint) and sharing (materials and information).

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